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Jardin contemporain, le guide

Jardin contemporain, le guide


  • 20 leading landscapers
  • Renewing links with the past
  • Changing our outlook
  • Botanic innovations
  • A question of style
  • Noting a few landmark dates
  • Gardens you must see
  • Learning key words
  • An experience for all five senses

ISBN : 9782081445819

Publication date : March 2019

Publisher : Flammarion

Number of pages : 224 pages

Bordeaux jardins, parcours en ville

Bordeaux jardins, parcours en ville

Philippe PREVOT

This guide proposes a richly illustrated tour of the history of the gardens of Bordeaux.

The love the people of Bordeaux have for gardens is a long-lasting story. As early as the Middle Ages, Bordeaux developed utility gardens where arbours and orchards were already commonplace. In the early modern period, the subsistence garden was exported to the faubourgs, leaving way for the ornamental garden or the ‘jardin de propreté’ (formal garden), created to please the eye. In private properties, pruned parterres and lawns joined the festivities, on the garden side, offering the expression ‘go down to the garden’ all the more meaning.

ISBN : 978-2-36062-165-1

Publication Date : May 2017

Publisher : Editions le Festin

Number of pages : 112 pages

Jardins d’artistes, sources d’inspiration et lieux de vie des plus grands peintres

Jardins d’artistes, sources d’inspiration et lieux de vie des plus grands peintres


This book offers an initiatory journey into gardens, workshops, and houses where great artists lived or painted. All of these painters, alone or in groups, drew their inspiration from an activity that consists in growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. By associating gardening and painting, their canvases were imbued with plant life, whilst their gardens were inspired by their creative spirit. A modern stroll through these 20 gardens, all open to visitors, offers a powerful insight into their lives and their work.

ISBN : 9782379220791

Publication date : October 2019

Publisher : Ulmer

Number of pages : 224 pages


Nous les arbres

Nous les arbres

Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Within the context of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier is publishing a catalogue offering an insight into all exhibited works via around 550 illustrations, together with a vast number of scientific and critical contributions. Associating the work of painters, photographers, architects, sculptors, philosophers, botanists and climatology specialists, this work unveils the beauty, the ingenuity and the biological wealth of trees, and plunges the reader into the fascinating world of these great protagonists of the living world.

ISBN : 978-2-86925-144-1

Publication Date : July 2019

Publisher : Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

Number of pages : 376 pages