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50 parcs et jardins remarquables dans le Val d’Oise

50 parcs et jardins remarquables dans le Val d’Oise


Remarkable gardens, nurseries and vegetable gardens, educational and botanical gardens, private gardens, artistic and historic gardens, promenades and public parks: via 50 examples and six chapters, this book, published for the 50th anniversary of the Département of the Val d’Oise, presents an overview of the diversity of the area’s parks and gardens and their close links with its history.

ISBN : 978-2-916470-45-0

Publication date : November 2018

Publisher : Micro Media Editions Bonne Anse

Number of pages : 136 pages

La sagesse des jardins

La sagesse des jardins

Santiago BERUETE

From ancient times to the present day – via the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the 20th century, the political exploitation of gardens via the Green Guerrillas of Rudy Giuliani’s New York, man has never ceased to create gardens. As he travels through these periods in history, and their respective gardens, one question continuously haunts Santiago Beruete, bringing unity to this immense overview: why has man always felt the need to alter virgin territories, transforming them into creations designed to have nature bow to our mental representations?
For gardens play a role of material and spiritual construction, equally symbolising harmony, works of art and miniature Arcadias that encompass our nostalgia of the past. Yet, more importantly, they are the crystal clear reflections of the concerns and the philosophical questions of their respective eras.

ISBN : 9782207140635

Publication date : February 2019

Publisher : Denoël

Number de pages : 384 pages

Jardins et civilisations

Jardins et civilisations

under the leading of Frédéric OGEE and Aurélie GODET

How can the garden act as a conveyor of ‘civilisations’? How are the axiological and ideological dimensions of gardens aesthetically materialised? The choice of associating gardens with a controversial concept, that of ‘civilisation’, and of preferring this term to that of ‘society’, of ‘cultural area’ or of ‘culture’ offers an indication of the framework within which the issues considered in this volume are to be placed. This publication invites us to consider the pertinence of the term ‘civilisation’ when identifying the major divisions of our world in terms of garden art, and to question on the scale(s) that is(are) to be preferred for gardens, their structures and their essential configurations. The result of a Franco-Brazilian collaboration, divided into 3 sections and 3 chapters focusing on Europe, Asia, and Latin America, this collection offers a pluralistic reflection on the relationship between the garden and civilisation.

ISBN : 13 978-2-36424-062-9

Pub. date : December 2018

Publisher : Presses universitaires de Valenciennes

Number of pages : 198 pages

Jardins en politique avec Gilles Clément

Jardins en politique avec Gilles Clément

under the leading of Patrick MOQUAY and Vincent PIVETEAU

Gilles Clement has devoted his entire life to promoting the fine art of gardening, whilst offering it a philosophical and political dimension on a radically new and particularly demanding scale. This book is therefore a tribute to his individuality and, more specifically, to the political aspects of his work.

The garden is at the heart of our relationship with the world, echoing our conception of nature – or at least of a natural ideology. It is a focal point of our societal drifts and utopias; as such, it is the very reflection of the contemplations and the questionings of our committed bodies and souls.

This work reunites written texts and testimonies by landscapers, artists, militants, ecologists, green space managers and elected representatives who, in 2017, joined Gilles Clément on the occasion of the Troisièmes Décades de Cerisy devoted to Gardens.

ISBN : 9782705695767

Publication date : December 2018

Publisher : Hermann

Number of pages : 200 pages