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A venue dedicated to the Art of garden in Europe

The Institut Européen des Jardins et Paysages, or European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes, is the result of the partnership between the Foundation for Parks and gardens of France, the Conseil Départemental of Calvados and MRSH/Caen University. It aims to become a location for European meetings and exchanges and a documentation centre for garden amateurs and specialists as well as the general public. Since its creation from the Culture Ministry, the Institute has also received support through the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) of the Normandy Region.

It is located at the Château de Bénouville, owned by the Conseil Départemental of Calvados.

This project provides a showcase for European parks and gardens archives, which will be accessible with the latest technology on the site or on line. It will provide a better identification and protection for the archives of gardeners, landscape designers and the relevant companies.

Thanks to the contribution of the Bibliothèque du Calvados (departmental public library), the Institute offers a document base with European books and magazines, available on site.

Conferences, meetings, exhibitions and other manifestations also contribute to the organisation of the Institute’s intellectual and cultural life.

Therefore the Institute will be a European entity while being part of the local community.


Support the Institute

The institute is currently calling upon donors to develop new projects and to pursue its action: conferences, organisation of encounters and colloquiums, further development of the European gardens database, exhibitions, occasional events on the theme of gardens, etc.

This fund-raising campaign is also the ideal opportunity to increase awareness on the Institute’s projects: by offering support, you will contribute towards encouraging its development and the promotion of garden art throughout Europe.

To make a donation, please consult the HelloAsso associative platform.

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