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  • The identification, the collection and use of archives, as well as any kind of material linked with gardens and landscapes. This project is undertaken with the collaboration of the department of digital records at Caen University.
  • The creation of a documentation centre and a European reference library at the château de Bénouville.
  • The organisation of lectures, meetings, international exchanges, workshops and exhibitions.

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The European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes welcomes volunteers ready to collaborate to its major project: the collecting of French inventories, in order to build the Archive and Inventory website.
We plan to build our action with a network of committed volunteers who will undertake the following main tasks:

  • The gathering of detailed descriptions of parks and gardens by going out to meet the owners in the field and to check and complete existing inventories.
  • The gathering of the largest possible range of available information on a garden’s past (maps, archives…) on the site, as well as finding archives on existing or lost gardens in the concerned Departmental Archives centres.

They will be given the following to help them in their work, and to feed the database:

  • A simplified form to summarise all the relevant information collected on the field.
  • A handbook describing an effective working process, regardless of the level of awareness.

For more information or +33 (0)2 31 53 20 12


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