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The board of directors

The European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of thirteen members, including three founder members : the Calvados Council, the French Foundation of Parks and Gardens and the University of Caen.

Board members

Didier Wirth
Didier Wirth

Chairman of the Foundation for Parks and Gardens of France

Béatrice Guillaume
Béatrice Guillaume

Vice-chairwoman of Calvados Council

Anne d’Ornano

Chairwoman of Calvados Council (1991-2011)

Pascal Buléon

Director of MRSH (Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences) – Caen University

Jean-Michel Ravel d’Estienne

Delegate of the Union of Parks and Gardens of Basse-Normandie Region


Audrey Gadenne

Councillor of Calvados Council

Sylvie Jacq

Councillor of Calvados Council

Bertrand Havard
Bertrand Havard

Councillor of Calvados Council

Philippe Rochas

Regional curator for Historic Monuments, Normandy Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate

Caroline Amiel

Professor and researcher at Caen University

Ludovico Ortona

Honorary Chairman of Parks and Gardens of Italy

Cristina Castel-Branco

Chairwoman of Parks and Gardens of Portugal

Marie-Sol de la Tour d’Auvergne

Deputy chairwoman of the Foundation for Parks and Gardens of France