The inventory of Historical Gardens and Parks came at the initiative of the Agency for Immovable Heritage (IH).

The inventory provides details of anything from modest front gardens and villa gardens across town parks all the way up to stately home estates and castle grounds which take in several hectares.

For each entry, the inventory outlines the design and the way the garden or park developed over time by way of maps, iconographic material, bibliographic research and on-site surveys. In doing so, the inventory discusses architectural and spatially structuring features such as the presence of sight lines, garden ornamentation, the architectural microrelief, and the path structure. Surveying the tree stock encountered in-situ provides information on the various planting campaigns and the variation of species found in the garden or park.

The Agency for Immovable Heritage started its campaign to map gardens and parks of heritage value in 1994. The results of this research were published over the 2003-2011 time period in ten volumes of the M&L-Cahiers series under the header “Historical Gardens and Parks of Flanders”. The results of this geographical inventory, which takes in 66 municipalities from the provinces of Limburg and Flemish Brabant, were included in the online inventory over the 2013-2016 time span.

In addition, we are continuing to build the themed inventory of gardens and parks in the front zone from before the First World War. These results too are systematically incorporated in the inventory. 

The European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes presents:

• inventories of the parks and gardens of Portugal;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of Belgium – Wallonia;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of France;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of England.

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