Inventaires des parcs et jardins de Belgique – Wallonie

The Inventories of the Parks and Gardens of Belgium-Wallonia website, published by the MRSH (Caen University Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences) – Digital Document Centre is aimed at offering a census of all public and private inventory sources and archives pertaining to the art of gardens.

It presents a total of 1,035 inventory notices on parks and gardens in Wallonia:

• 93 from the province of Walloon Brabant;

• 311 from the province of Hainaut;

• 270 from the province of Liège;

• 103 from the province of Luxembourg;

• 258 from the province of Namur.

These notices are drawn from the Inventory of Historic Parks and Gardens of Wallonia, coordinated by the garden historian Nathalie de Harlez on behalf of the Wallonian department of heritage and public service (Vol. 1 to 6) and the Wallonia Heritage Institute (Vol. 7 to 9), published from 1992 to 2008 within the framework of the Themed inventories collection.

Notices are encoded in accordance with EAD 2002 (internationally applicable encoding standard in the field of archives).

The European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes presents:

• inventories of the parks and gardens of France;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of Portugal;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of Belgium – Flanders;

• inventories of the parks and gardens of England.

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