Festival international de jardins│Hortillonages – Amiens (France)

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Festival international de jardins│Hortillonages – Amiens (France)

International Garden Festival – Hortillonnages

Arranged on islands, gardens and plastic installations of the International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens form a poetic journey which invites the public and the inhabitants to take an offbeat, funny or critical look, but always unique, on this complex environment, its history and its future; It is also a discovery in soft roaming which makes it possible to question the links between nature, culture, agriculture and heritage with regard to the many impacts caused by climate change.
Distributed between different plots located on the Clermont pond in Camon and Rivery, and on Île aux Fagots in Amiens, the fifty productions fully integrate into their thinking and design the contemporary issues of sustainable development and the evolving issues environmental: the preservation of the ecosystem, the weakening of the banks, the water resource, the nourishing activity, the quality of the food.