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European inventories

In partnership with the Institut Européen des Jardins & Paysages, the Pôle Document Numérique (Digital Document Centre), coordinated by the MRSH (Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences), designs and develops databases of public and private inventories relating to European garden art.

For each garden for which information is available, the corresponding notice offers information on the site’s history, a description of the park and its botanical value, whilst providing photographs that offer an illustrated insight into the garden in question.

A vast source of information, these databases are excellent work tools, not only for professionals from the park and garden sector, but also for historians and the many garden enthusiasts.

These inventories are regularly updated and their contents enhanced and augmented (new gardens, indexation keys, geolocation, etc.). Several inventories from different European countries are currently being compiled and will soon be added to those listed below.

This project has been approved by the Ministère de la Culture (French Ministry of Culture) ‘Année européenne du patrimoine culturel 2018′.


Number of parks and gardens
17 207
12 910
Belgium – Flanders
Belgium – Wallonia
1 035
1 699

(update November 2022)

Gardens whose coordinates are provided in the aforementioned databases: