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Le jardin anglais, évolution du goût et passion botanique sous l’influence des Lumières

Le jardin anglais, évolution du goût et passion botanique sous l’influence des Lumières


This summary work is the product of 15 years of research out in the field, in libraries, and through archives, which also led to the presentation of a doctoral thesis supervised by Professors Dominique (ULiège) and Krista Dejonghe (KUL) and benefited from the experienced guidance of Monique Mosser (Honorary CNRS engineer), author of the preface. Influenced by the philosophical movements of the Enlightenment, by travels and botanical discoveries, the evolution of the art of gardens unveiled the passion of their contemporaries for the introduction, the collection, the acclimatisation and the exhibition of foreign plants. This new outlook on gardens contributed towards the recognition of the social status of their owners and sponsors, and of the deployment of their artistic and cultural values.

ISBN : 978-2-8031-0840-4

Publication date : June 2022

Publisher : Académie Royale de Belgique

Number of pages : 328 pages

Adolphe Alphand et la construction du paysage de Paris

Adolphe Alphand et la construction du paysage de Paris


For the first time, the book retraces the entire landscaping work of the engineer Adolphe Alphand (1817-1891), one of the most important, although one of the lesser-known, figures of Parisian urban planning in the second half of the 19th century. Alphand worked in close collaboration with the Préfet Haussmann, taking over from him on urban planning in the French capital where, for around forty years, he watched over the creation of a network of ‘verdant spaces’ throughout Paris. In other words, a patchwork of squares, parks and planted walkways which became an international model and continue to this day to sustainably mark the city’s public areas, its imaginary world and its usage.
Thanks to a long survey conducted on archives, some of which were hitherto unexplored, this book unveils an original dimension of the major development work that transformed Paris into the ‘capital of the world’. In charge of a multidisciplinary team comprised of highly skilled technicians – engineers, landscapers, horticulturists, architects – Alphand unravelled his global vision of the role of plants in urban planning. Hence, using ‘nature’ as one of the very matrices of urban development, he invented its landscapes.

ISBN : 9791037003751

Publication date : January 2021

Publisher : Hermann

Number of pages : 350 pages

Guide des jardins remarquables en Normandie

Guide des jardins remarquables en Normandie


Awarded since 2004 by the French Ministry for Culture the ‘Jardin remarquable’ (Remarkable Garden) label equally distinguishes historic and contemporary gardens, gardens of royal origin, private or shared gardens, be they protected under the historic monuments list or not. This guide is the first publication to reunite the gardens of Normandy that have received this label and is a genuine invitation to indulge in some beautiful strolls through 37 of the region’s finest sites, including the garden at the Museum of Impressionisms in Giverny, the Gardens of Étretat, Jacques Prévert’s garden in La Hague, the Château de Vendeuvre Gardens or the Montperthuis Gardens in Chemilli.

ISBN : 978-2757708163

Publication date : March 2022

Publisher : Editions du Patrimoine

Number of pages : 134 pages

Secrets de jardins du Perche

Secrets de jardins du Perche

Isabelle NANCY

The Perche region is scattered with thousands of gardens. Those open to the public and those – in greater number, but equally spectacular – hidden from view. Many are the work of keen gardeners who, over the years, have acquired experience and know-how through trial and error, success stories, strokes of luck, encounters and hard work. And patience above all.
And then, here and there, stand all those dream gardens, fallow lands and bramble fields, that are just waiting for their turn. And perhaps a helping hand.

ISBN : 9782957218332

Publication date : March 2021

Publisher : Editions La Mésange Bleue

Number of pages : 160 pages