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La métamorphose des jardins européens. Les Baumann de Bollwiller (XVIIIe-XXe siècle)

La métamorphose des jardins européens. Les Baumann de Bollwiller (XVIIIe-XXe siècle)

Cécile Modanese

By founding the Baumann nurseries in Bollwiller, around 1735, Jean Baumann created a fruit tree nursery with a mercantile vocation, hence revolutionising existing arboricultural activities. The activity rapidly developed, leaning towards ornamental horticulture. It reached its apogee during the 19th century, documented not only through family archives, but also articles published in a number of horticultural magazines. The company continued, despite family transmission difficulties, over six generations up to 1969. However, its renown never approached that of the original Baumann brothers.
Its extraordinary success relied on its capacity to procure and to reproduce rare and popular plants: camellia, giant redwood, Japanese Pagoda, etc. The nursery marketed its own plants amidst a constantly changing and growing market. Hence, they contributed to a new taste for exotic plants, propitious to escape and reverie. The nursery’s leading horticultural production activity was complemented by work on ‘garden drawings’, in particular the picturesque gardens of Alsace and Switzerland.
Study of this pioneering establishment sheds light on a dark area of historic research: the history of horticulture. It highlights the importance of this novel economic activity, which acted as a missing link between rare plants and those already largely established in gardens. Its story offers an insight into the design of major 19th-century European gardens.

ISBN: 978-2-86906-890-2

Publication date : November 2022

Publisher : Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais

Nbre of pages : 492 pages

Jules Buyssens et Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque

Jules Buyssens et Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque

Under the direction of Eric Hennaut and Ursula Wieser Benedetti

After fifteen years of international study and training, which he concluded at the head of the Édouard André landscaping agency in Paris, he has designed over a thousand projects in Belgium and in fifteen other countries, essentially in Europe (France, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Monaco, Poland, Lithuania).
He developed parks and gardens for the aristocracy and rich international gentry (the Prince and Princess Napoleon in Ronchinne, the Solvay family in La Hulpe and Brussles, Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild in Monte Carlo, the Countess de Pourtalès in Switzerland and Baron de Dietrich in Alsace, etc.), worked for various municipalities and, in the period between the two wars, designed charming small town parks associating picturesque and Art Deco features. Initiator of the movement and magazine Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque, he was also chief landscape architect for the City of Brussels (1904-1937) and was in charge of landscaping developments for the 1935 World Fair hosted in Heysel.

ISBN : 978-2-87572-082-5

Parution date : May 2023

Publisher : Maison CFC

Nbre of pages : 272 pages

Jardins d’Orient

Jardins d’Orient

Collected by Anna Caiozzo & Harit Joshi

Ce recueil propose une série de réflexions sur les relations entre les jardins et les détenteurs de l’autorité politique et religieuse, dans un vaste territoire géographique s’étendant de l’Afrique du Nord au sous-continent indien, en passant par l’Égypte, Byzance, le Moyen-Orient et l’Iran, de la Haute Antiquité à nos jours. S’appuyant sur un large éventail de sources historiques et archéologiques et d’importants travaux de terrain, il montre comment divers types de jardins ont, au fil des âges, permis à leurs créateurs de mettre en exergue leur maîtrise de la nature, de faire une démonstration publique ostentatoire de leur richesse et de leur autorité, de mettre en place un cadre approprié pour exercer leurs fonctions administratives ou encore, de s’adonner à la réflexion spirituelle ou de poursuivre des activités récréatives. Offrant un nouvel aperçu des structures des jardins d’Orient et de leurs usages, les auteurs étudient en outre la façon dont certains d’entre eux sont devenus des lieux de mémoire ou encore, les défis auxquels sont confrontés les projets de restauration desdits jardins et leur préservation pour la postérité.

ISBN : 978-2-36424-097-1

Publication date : June 2023

Publisher : Presses Universitaires de Valenciennes

Nbre of pages : 226 pages

Les jardins historiques. Théories et pratiques de leur restauration par Pierre-André Lablaude

Les jardins historiques. Théories et pratiques de leur restauration par Pierre-André Lablaude

Colette Di Matteo Lablaude

The art of creating a garden comprised of 90% of non-organic adornments, i.e. mineral features, earthworks, hydraulics, enclosures, statues and furnished elements, first and foremost consists in giving structure and scale to the plot, both in its general landscape and in its internal areas. Ironically, as from its very creation, a garden is destined to be subjected to the inevitable destruction of its image, each stage of its decline embracing its own artistic, dreamlike, picturesque and historic value. When conservation has been rendered impossible, restoration represents a genuine challenge for heritage architects: that of the choice between ‘poetic, aesthetic, scientific and intellectual values, but also constant reference to philosophy and faith.’
A perspective look on the academic teaching and practice of Pierre-André Lablaude, chief architect for French Historic Monuments, this book firstly studies the lecture he gave on the history and restoration of gardens, essentially at the École de Chaillot in Paris from 2002 to 2018, but also in Madrid, Lisbon, Rome and at the École de Chaillot in Asia.
The second part of the book focuses on case studies of work undertaken by the Lablaude agency (Versailles, Mont-Saint-Michel, Royaumont, the area around Rouen Cathedral, vast private estates such as Farcheville, La Constantinière and the Emperor of Japan’s garden in Tokyo), illustrating the sheer dimension of associated reflection, both on knowledge of the subject itself and on the diversity of practical problems encountered.

ISBN : 979-1-03700-353-9

Publication date : November 2023

Publisher : Hermann

Nbre of pages : 264 pages