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Château de Bénouville

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux’s masterpiece

The château de Bénouville was built by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux between 1769 and 1785 for the marquis de Livry. It is a rare and exceptional example of neoclassical architecture in Normandy, with its park overlooking a canal connecting the city of Caen to the sea.

The château was in a poor state at the beginning of the century. It was bought by the Calvados Council in 1927 and was turned into a foyer for pregnant women, abandoned and handicapped children. Alterations were made to the interior for these new functions such as maternity, nursery and bedrooms… This came to an end in 1983 as times and needs has changed. After many new alterations, the Court of Auditors rented it till 2012.

Appropriate premises for the Institute

The chateau de Bénouville is well suited for the Institute, which was installed on the first floor in August 2013. One can find a library, reception and exhibition rooms, well equipped archive spaces, a conference hall with 140 seats, as well as offices and meeting rooms.
The 11 ha park can also host animations organised by the Institute.