A.-P. de Candolle : une passion, un jardin – Geneva (Switzerland)

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A.-P. de Candolle : une passion, un jardin – Geneva (Switzerland)

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva pays homage to its founder Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle (1778-1841) through to related exhibitions :

  • The passion for knowldge
    This exhibition highlights the life and work of one of the most celebrated botanists of the nineteenth century, born in Geneva but attaining international stature. An heir to the enlightenment and emblematic figure in the history of botany, Candolle led a nomadic career between Paris, Montpellier and Geneva pursuing research topics proper to the late eighteenth-century. His founding of the Botanical Garden Geneva at the Bastions in Geneva in 1817 was one of his most outstanding achievements.
    The exhibition is arranged outdoors surrounding the Villa Le Chêne, and continues into the adjacent library, where items which belonged to A.-P. de Candolle or form part of our collections are on display.
  • The garden, 200 years of passion
    This second exhibition consists of a diverse display imparting the rich history of the botanical garden—the living collections of plants—from its inception at Park Bastions in 1817 to the organically-managed garden of today at its current site. Envisioned as a chronological stroll, it consists of 16 beds illustrating the special expertise of the gardeners as well as a range of horticultural techniques developed over two centuries of botany in Geneva.
    This exhibition is presented just below the Villa Le Chêne.