Bodies, landscapes – ONLINE

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Bodies, landscapes – ONLINE

International Landscape Study Days 2021 – Seventeenth edition

Our bodily presence in a place and the tangible experience of physical reality are one of the reasons we feel we belong in what we call the landscape. At this unprecedented moment in our history, when physical distances and the power of virtual images appear to be heading in opposite directions, the 2021 Study Days explore and revisit events and reflections on landscape culture and practice, where the body is considered an active presence, an essential part of a world which is transformed and reveals itself to us through our physical state. Without neglecting the clear desire for nature that permeates our society.
The days are divided into four sessions entitled in the imagination; in urban space, in the home; in the landscape; in the garden respectively. The intent is not to separate spheres and contexts which, by their very nature, are inextricably linked, but to suggest, with keywords, possible avenues to explore, following fundamental directions which we use to organise our presence in places.

The 2021 Landscape Study Days will be held online on Zoom with a simultaneous translation in Italian and English.

Participation in the Study Days is free; registration is required.