Des jardins & des livres – Geneva (Switzerland)

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Des jardins & des livres – Geneva (Switzerland)

Of Gardens & Books

The exhibition invites visitors to discover a major cultural phenomenon: the constant interchange between garden and book, and within book and garden. Structured as a place to leisurely walk through, the exhibition opens up the fascinating world of the garden represented in books as a physical place and an intellectual construct. From ancient Babylon to today’s world, the exhibition presents, from a diachronic perspective, the most important documents reflecting the ever-present interest in gardens through time, national traditions and genres such as epics, poetry, prose, scientific theories, or manuals. Present as well is the success of the “beautiful garden book” as a novelty and capstone of the art of the book; among those are the one’s noted for their exceptional workmanship, introducing existing gardens or garden projects, as well as unfairly forgotten books, such as the Fruits Walls Improved by the Swiss mathematician, natural philosopher, and inventor Nicolas Fatio de Duillier.

Fondation Martin Bodmer
Route Martin Bodmer 19-21
1223 Cologny (Geneva)