Festival des jardins – Arc et Senans (France)

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Festival des jardins – Arc et Senans (France)

The Gardens Festival

The royal salt mine is delighted to welcome Luc Schuiten, whose visionary projections have inspired the gardens of this 18th edition of a festival that intimately links architecture and plant life. The Festival des Jardins completes the Les Panoramas de 2100 exhibition via a unique immersion into the world of Luc Schuiten. Across its 10 gardens, visitors set off on an initiatory journey through his plant cities of varying shapes and forms, where the environment and nature have become the models we must follow and reproduce. Three artists have joined the Festival des Jardins trail, each one offering a personal contribution: ‘Kerterre’, an inhabitable dome, designed by Evelyne Adam, complying perfectly with the principle of ecoconstruction, along with a driftwood nest built by Vanly Tiene and sculptures designed by Laurence Louisfert which poetically call into question the manner in which we occupy the Earth.