Festival international de Jardins Hortillonnages – Amiens (France)

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Festival international de Jardins Hortillonnages – Amiens (France)

Hortillonnages International Garden Festival

For its 10th edition, the ‘Art, Villes & Paysage’ (Art, Towns & Landscape) festival has become the ‘Festival international de Jardins Hortillonnages Amiens’ (Amiens Hortillonnages International Garden Festival), still organised in partnership with the Amiens ‘Maison de la Culture’ (Cultural Centre). At present, the ‘Création Art & Jardins | Hauts de France’ quality label is in charge of organising the Hortillonnages festival. Designed as a genuine support tool for young creation, the festival will – more than ever before – focus on the territory it seeks to promote and implicate within the natural environment it strives to protect. The festival has the added vocation of generating food for thought on the issues we face in our modern world: how to preserve our natural resources and to induce change in our food consumption habits? What agricultural models should we favour? What place must we afford to nature in the city and to man amidst nature? Beyond major environmental concerns, the festival is involved locally, welcoming throughout the year an inclusion site in charge of maintaining and cultivating the islets and plots presented to the public.