Folies de pierre, grottes, rochers, rocailles – Rochefort (Belgium)

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Folies de pierre, grottes, rochers, rocailles – Rochefort (Belgium)

Follies of stone, caves, rocks and rock beds

Over several centuries, thousands of artificial stone, brick and – more recently – concrete follies have been created in public and private parks and gardens, equally throughout Europe and other continents. Some are decorated with crystals or seashells, yet most of these man-made creations are relatively simple, with or without architecture, and have suffered the passing of time to collapse or be voluntarily destroyed. Yet some admirable examples have survived and the attention they are afforded has enabled them, at least, to be maintained in their original state. Restoring these sites calls upon specific techniques and generates considerable cost.
This event is organised by the Association des Cercles francophones d’Histoire et d’Archéologie de Belgique (Belgian association of French-speaking history and archaeology circles), the Cercle culturel et historique de Rochefort (Rochefort cultural and historic circle) and the Royal Cercle historique cinacien (archaeology and local history), with support from the Wallonia Heritage Agency and the Tourist Offices in Crupet, Ciney-Condroz Famenne and Rochefort.


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