Gärten der Welt – Zurich (Switzerland)

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Gärten der Welt – Zurich (Switzerland)

Museum Rietberg invites you to take a stroll through the gardens of the world and through the world of gardens. This major exhibition of famous gardens from Japan to England also tells the stories of people who have sought inspiration, happiness, love, refuge or peace in gardens. They did not always find it, however, for death and treachery sometimes lurk behind herbaceous borders and hedges too. In search of a better existence or even rebirth in a garden of paradise far from the noise and dust of the world, people have striven to realise the garden of their dreams.
Supported by the Parrotia Foundation, the Vontobel Foundation, Swiss Re and Novartis. In cooperation with Grün Stadt Zürich as part of the Swiss Year of the Garden 2016.

Museum Rietberg
Gablerstrasse 15
CH-8002 Zürich