Génie Végétal, Génie Ecologique – Paris (France)

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Génie Végétal, Génie Ecologique – Paris (France)

For this third edition, the Génie Végétal, Génie Ecologique (Plant Engineering, Ecological Engineering) colloquium will be focusing on the use of trees within territories, from urban sites to natural areas.
The aim of the colloquium is to increase public awareness, via concrete realisations, of the function of plants and their contribution to ecosystems, a role that stretches well beyond the aesthetic and cultural dimension of landscape. It will be highlighting the knowledge and skills of professionals from the sector.
This event is part of the historic celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Jean-Charles Alphand (1817-1891), a creator of Parisian green areas during the second half of the 19th century.
The colloquium is organised by VAL’HOR, in association with the Assemblée des Départements de France, in order to enable the plant production sector to better grasp the preoccupations of public developers.

Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental
9 Place d’Iéna
75 016 Paris


Information : contact@genie-ecologique-vegetal.fr