Histoire de projets de paysage en Normandie by Samuel CRAQUELIN – Château de Bénouville

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Histoire de projets de paysage en Normandie by Samuel CRAQUELIN – Château de Bénouville

History of landscaping projects in Normandy

Within the context of the “Un homme, des paysages” (One man, many landscapes) exhibition currently showing at the Château de Bénouville, Samuel Craquelin will explain how projects, some of which are included in the exhibition, are “manufactured”, in order to understand precisely the landscaper’s profession. The aim is to retrace as from the initial order, the manner in which the landscaper responds to the programme and, quite simply, the “story of projects”. Samuel Craquelin will accompany his public on a journey through rural and urban projects via a commented slide show including photographs, plans, sketches, etc.

Samuel Craquelin


Samuel Craquelin is from a family of farmers and very quickly associated his fondness of the land and his taste for drawing. After secondary school which led him to a horticultural apprenticeship, he studied at the Gembloux School of Landscape Architecture in Belgium. Diploma in hand, in 1985 he took on the challenge of setting up at “home”, convinced that his acquired skills could be of use to his homeland and to those in charge of its management. His agency, comprised of landscape architects, technicians and surveyors, develops a great variety of landscaping projects, both in urban and rural sites. His most noteworthy realisations are essentially located in Normandy and, more rarely, beyond the region’s frontiers. As mayor of a rural town, he pertinently perceives the difficult challenge facing such realisation and the often difficult communication between the various players involved in territorial development. He strives to obtain fitting recognition for his profession. His action offers him the opportunity to promote political commitment to respect our landscapes’ environment and balance. He believes that awareness of these three values – aesthetic, ecological, economical – is the key to his projects’ success.