Jardin & littérature – Caen (France)

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Jardin & littérature – Caen (France)

Garden & Literature

A land of remarkable, diverse and varied gardens, Normandy is also a source of literary inspiration and a cradle of literature. The Jardin & Littérature colloquium plans to explore the links that have been forged between the art of landscape, gardening and poetic creation.
To do so, it will focus on authors’ gardens, in Normandy and throughout Europe, together with written extracts in which garden poetry plays a fundamental role. What are the elements that associate literature and the garden, to such an extent that certain literary works are offered almost in the form of gardens in their own right, spaces to be shared with joy and amidst which the reader is invited to roam, and to reach a deeper perception of nature and of our presence in the world?   Co-organised with the Normandy Regional Council and in partnership with the Alexis de Tocqueville library, the Institut Européen des Jardins et Paysages proposes this colloquium, free of charge and in the presence of invited guests, some of whom enjoy international renown.
In association with the colloquium, garden visits, book sales and children’s activities will be organised on the same theme.

Information : contact@iejp.eu

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