Jardins de demain – Paris (France)

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Jardins de demain – Paris (France)

Tomorrow’s gardens

The Jardins de Demain colloquium is part of the project entitled, ‘Jardins: du monde en miniature au jardin planétaire‘ (Gardens: from the miniature world to the planetary garden). Imagining, living and (re)creating the garden, from ancient times to the present day, ex-idex jardins, which calls into question the relationship between garden development, its uses and its representations from ancient to future worlds. The event’s ambition is to combine aesthetic, environmental and heritage-based approaches, by demonstrating how the garden – understood in the largest sense of the term – asserts itself as a place for sociability, and even for inventing new social codes.
The Jardins de Demain colloquium will study the various forms adopted by gardens where multiple purposes, equally ecological, museographical, social and productive concentrate and intermingle. Hence, the garden becomes an experimental ground within which ecological and/or social links are forged with others.