Jardins du monde – Liège (Belgium)

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Jardins du monde – Liège (Belgium)

The B3 and Savoir Planter les choux are organising a new cycle of conferences to help discover the gardens of the world, and their cultural, botanic and ethnobotanic foundations.
The event will focus on the bases that allowed their development: scientific and cultural collaboration between different peoples and cultures, of which the great importance will be measured and where the notion of living together is as topical as ever.

  • 18th January : Persian and Islamic gardens, the origin of gardens of the world
  • 15th February : Renaissance gardens in Italy, landscape laboratories
  • 14th March : French formal gardens, gardens of power?
  • 18th April : Landscaped English gardens, nature tamed
  • 16th May: Allotments and shared gardens, pioneers of nature in our cities
  • 13th June : Urban vegetable gardens, birth and current development
  • 17th October : Botanic gardens, from scientific origin to didactic future
  • 14th November : The forest as a garden
  • 12th December : Gardens of tomorrow, gardens in movement? Future environmental and landscaping challenges

Registration : info@leb3.be

B3 – Espace rencontres
Place des arts, 1
4020 Liège