Jardins en politiques (autour de Gilles Clément) – Cerisy-la-Salle (France)

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Jardins en politiques (autour de Gilles Clément) – Cerisy-la-Salle (France)

Gardens in politics
Via a forward-looking perspective, and with support from the National Graduate Landscaping School of Versailles-Marseille, Cerisy is devoting a new colloquium to the theme of “gardens” and focusing specifically on the work of Gilles Clément.
Whilst the relationship between the garden and the world will be studied, in an aim to explore and debate on the political environment as it is perceived by Gilles Clément, different aspects of his works will also be approached: doctrinal contributions, projects and realisations, literary works and educational practice. In counterpoint, other contributions will clarify these perspectives in order to establish a relationship between Gilles Clément’s work and modern political stakes.


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Centre Culturel International de Cerisy
Le Château
50 210 Cerisy-la-Salle