Jardins et communs : terreaux de « transition » ? – Besançon (France)

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Jardins et communs : terreaux de « transition » ? – Besançon (France)

Gardens and outbuildings: breeding grounds for ‘transition’

Fifth day of the workshop entitled, ‘Living with transition. Existing practice and transition policies: circulation and ambiguities’.
Shared gardens, collective gardens and community gardens all highlight the shared use and management of practices for which gardens offer infinite possibilities. Possibilities that also thrive through the idea of sharing, which is the key theme of this specific workshop day. The idea is to play on instable balance, not in the sense of fragility but as the assertion of openness: openness to otherness (both human and non-human), openness to the world and to things to come.

Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de l’Environnement (MSHE Ledoux, USR 3124)
Salle de conférence
1 rue Charles Nodier
25 000 Besançon

Entrée libre sur inscription : communication@mshe.univ-fcomte.fr


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