Journées des plantes de Chantilly – Chantilly (France)

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Journées des plantes de Chantilly – Chantilly (France)

The Flower show

While the weather plays on the forecasts by challenging the gardener’s certainties, many plants, botanical and horticultural, remain zen despite the vagaries of the weather. as long as they are planted in a soil that suits them, whether they are exposed to the sun or in the shade according to their temperament, all these plants – trees, shrubs and perennials – will not require more and will live their lives in the open ground in the garden or, for some, in pots on the terrace. The nursery growers present in Chantilly will be keen to present their “Sans Souci” to gardeners, neophytes or confirmed, to whom they will give all the useful advice they need to succeed in their autumn planting.


Domaine de Chantilly
7 rue du Connétable
60 500 Chantilly