La fête des jardiniers – Le Lude (France)

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La fête des jardiniers – Le Lude (France)

Gardeners’ Festival
A weekend of flowers, organic products, garden decoration and… chickens! Filling the Lude’s splendid grounds for the weekend will be more than 60 exhibitors, from nurseries to gardening equipment, you’ll find the very best in rare varieties; peonies, roses, shrubs, vegetables and even cacti! Plenty of ideas to be gleaned for decorating the garden, terrace or completing your plant collections!
The 17th award for the best garden book, the Prix Pierre-Joseph Redouté, is given on Saturday afternoon. 
Don’t miss to visit the château with the exhibition  “Portraits of kitchen gardens ” by the painter Jean-Claude Courtat.


Château du Lude
72 800 Le Lude
Tel : +33 (0)2 43 94 60 09