L’ananas, le fruit roi – Versailles (France)

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L’ananas, le fruit roi – Versailles (France)

Pineapple, king of all fruits

A worldwide consumer product, pineapple was domesticated by the American Indians and brought to Europe during the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century. Imported from the New World, in particular from Brazil and the Caribbean, it was grown in greenhouses in European royal gardens as from the late 18th century. Both the fruit and the plant bear the same name and have been a source of nourishment to the decorative arts (textile, furnishings and objets d’art). The pineapple plant thrives in the garden, the fruit adorns the table, and both are reproduced via diverse iconographic representations.


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Château de Versailles
Auditorium du château de Versailles
Pavillon Dufour, 2ème étage