L’art du jardin en France (1870-1925) : revivals et modernités by Camille LESOUEF – Paris (France)

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L’art du jardin en France (1870-1925) : revivals et modernités by Camille LESOUEF – Paris (France)

The Art of gardens in France (1870-1925): revivals and modernities

Within the context of the ‘La mémoire en œuvre’ (Memory in work) conference cycle, the Centre d’Archives d’Architecture (Architecture Archives Centre) is inviting PhD students or young graduates, at the end of their research, to illustrate how architecture and architects emerge from work on archives.

In France from 1870 to 1925, the field of garden art was the subject of in-depth renewal, acting equally as the expression of nationalist artistic ideologies – in particular via a certain number of revivals and historic models – whilst integrating a certain notion of artistic modernity, as spaces for formal avant-garde experimentation and as an essential element in architectural and global decorative projects. Architects, gardeners and landscapers sought to renew their methods amidst a period of societal and urban change, spurred by the industrial revolution. This talk proposes to illustrate the invention of modernity in garden art, as from the late 19th century, in France. Our aim is therefore to study the various trends that were employed: revivals of historic European models, a taste for gardening traditions from beyond our Western frontiers – Japan, Persia, the Arabo-Muslim world – based on the study of 20th century documents sourced from the architecture archives centre and from a range of other written sources and illustrations.


Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine
7, av. Albert de Mun
75116 Paris