Le Jardin des simples – Caen (France)

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Le Jardin des simples – Caen (France)

The Simples’ Garden
The one-day conference entitled Le Jardin des simples, is a logical continuation to the Francesco Vivo research programme conducted by the Lalsar team, initially focusing on the life of Francis of Assisi, and more generally on the imagery of poverty.
Francis of Assisi, great advocate of poverty, patron saint of ecologists and the first author to express a “medieval idea of nature”, is an emblematic figure in the ethical quest for simplicity.
And it is precisely the question of the relationship between nature and spirituality, between art and nature, that will be explored over this one-day event. With this perspective in mind, the Garden area – in its largest sense of acceptance – becomes a preferred site for questioning: poor gardens, parks and landscapes, land art and bio art are considered as potential routes for returning to the state of humus and to an aesthetic form of humility.

Flyer Jardin des simples

Université de Caen Normandie
Amphi MRSH
Campus 1
14 000 Caen
Information : catherine.bienvenu@unicaen.fr

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