Le soin du jardin by Frédéric DELESALLE – Bayeux (France)

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Le soin du jardin by Frédéric DELESALLE – Bayeux (France)

Caring for gardens

Far from the simple notion of maintenance, management or control, our gardens (and our lives) require that we develop a sensitivity to all things living. By establishing such contact through observation, we conciliate with the garden, acknowledging that ‘others live here’, hence radically changing our outlook and considering our action there – rather than management or maintenance – as care, equally of ourselves for the garden and of the garden for ourselves.
The 3-hectare Lansau Garden is located in the Nord region. This experimental garden was created in 1996 on a meadow devoid of trees, alongside which a river flows. Today, a thousand trees offer shelter to several gardens, green chambers, orchards, nurseries, walled gardens and plant collections, all around sensitive natural areas, in an agricultural and attentively ecological approach.

Frédéric Delesalle

Born in Lille in 1960, Frédéric Delesalle is self-taught landscaper. After studying agriculture, cabinetmaking, the fine arts then cinema, he worked as an advertising photographer for 30 years, whilst continuing to study garden art and landscape. His interest in ornithology led him to quickly develop particular consideration for the living world.
In 1995, he acquired a bare pasture in Marchiennes, in the Nord region, where he converted a farmstead into a modern home in association with the architect François Andrieux – working on the relationship between architecture and the garden and the local environment.
Whilst ecology plays a central role in his work, he meticulously organises the garden space to allow the living world to thrive there. His attention to light is an integral part of the construction of each project he develops.

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