Les Arbres en Congrés ! – Pantin (France)

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Les Arbres en Congrés ! – Pantin (France)

The theme of this international colloquium will be: “the ARBRES law; a necessity in France, Europe and across the Globe!”.
The colloquium will include, in particular:
– the certification of 5,000 trees in the town of Pantin – France’s first town to be awarded the “Arbres d’avenir” (trees of the future) label
– the creation of the 1st International Federation for the protection and the defence of Trees
– the presentation and the launch of the second ecological management label (non-profit making) by the “Pour une Révolution Ecologique du Patrimoine Arboré” association (Towards an ecological revolution of wooded heritage) targeting arborists, landscapers, architects, designers, associations, tree experts…
Over 20 speakers specialising in arboriculture, market gardening, urban tree plantation, botanics, agronomy, design, herbal medicine, architecture, landscapes…

Information : revepatriarbo-asso@laposte.net – Tel: + 33 (0) 6 42 91 80 98

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