Les jardins partagés et familiaux à Suresnes – Suresnes (France)

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Les jardins partagés et familiaux à Suresnes – Suresnes (France)

The shared and family gardens of Suresnes

Once a renowned wine-growing village, the present-day town became one of the major sites of the Industrial Revolution then, after the Second World War, of tertiary activities, via the establishment of several corporate headquarters. Mechanically speaking, urban growth and population changes  reflect the virtual disappearance of inhabitant links with the original local ‘land’.
During the period between the two wars, the creation of one of France’s largest ‘garden cities’ on the Suresnes plateau, marked an attempt at preserving plant life within the urban area. This effort remained marginal faced with increasing residential density and the soil sealing inherent to the needs of a modern town.
So, where are Suresnes’ gardeners today? In family gardens, of course, the descendents of early 20th-century allotments, but also in new forms of gardening, initiated through the ecological vogue.

Information : mus@ville-suresnes.fr ou au 01 41 18 37 37.

Musée d’Histoire Urbaine et Sociale de Suresnes
1 Place de la gare de Suresnes-Longchamp
92150 Suresnes