Les plantes en voyage! – Paris (France)

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Les plantes en voyage! – Paris (France)

Travelling plants

The reproduction of plant species is associated with the dispersion at varying distances from their original roots. Often unseen by the human eye, such dissemination can sometimes be read at paleogeographical level, explaining the evolution of flora as far as the glacial period. However, we also know that human activities favour, or even provoke plant migration. Whether on an international scale or not, several species follow man along his many peregrinations. After the long travels of the oriental spice trade along the Silk Road, came the faster conquest of American and all its wealth. Then came the time of the world explorers, plant hunters, privateers and sometimes pirates of the botanical world. Could our own era be one of reason and prudence, one of respect for civilisations and the associated stakes, one of international sharing of plant wealth?

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Société Nationale d’Horticulture de France
84 rue de Grenelle
75 007 Paris