Mélancolie et jardin – Caen (France)

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Mélancolie et jardin – Caen (France)

Melancholy and Garden

The garden appeases the soul and the sensitively irritated – a stroll through the garden offers respite whilst revealing a universal human activity – care. Historically, the garden very quickly became a hygienist political tool, creating and offering access to urban green areas that are a source of respite and education for the population. Psychiatrists also use the garden as a tool towards a therapeutic aim. For the artist, the imagined garden embraces the same intimate link with melancholy, the same therapeutic function. This colloquium will dwell upon this link between garden and melancholy, in order to better understand their continued value for artists, physicians, teachers and politicians for an area that, although very real, remains quintessentially dreamlike.


Proceeding of the conference

Université de Caen Normandie
Amphithéâtre MRSH
14000 Caen

Contact : hildegard.haberl@unicaen.fr, annette.lensing@unicaen.fr, corona.schmiele@unicaen.fr