Qu’est-ce qu’un jardin émotionnel ? par Arnaud MAURIERES – Caen (France)

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Qu’est-ce qu’un jardin émotionnel ? par Arnaud MAURIERES – Caen (France)

What is an emotional garden?

When nature’s wildness disappears, when water becomes scarce, when the climate changes, why and how should we design today’s gardens? Nature is omnipresent in the garden, and it teaches us about the living. The same garden is also a place of social interaction, one that is inseparable from architecture. Finding harmony between natural constraints and the gardener’s or the architect’s creative impetus is a perpetual exchange, that evolves with emotions – equally those of the creator and those of the visitor. Last spring, based on over thirty years of experience, we drafted a ‘manifesto of the emotional garden’. In line with current preoccupations, this manifesto provides an iconoclastic and limitless guide for all those who interrogate their living space and hope to create a garden, for themselves or for others. Over these encounters, we will share with you our gardening experience and the way in which it inspires our thoughts.

Arnaud Maurières

Arnaud Maurières has a passion for plants – orchids in particular. He worked with the Etablissements Marcel Lecoufle whilst studying at Toulouse University. In 1986, he and Eric Ossart became associates and, in 1989, they created their own landscaping and event management agency. From 1993 to 1996, Arnaud Maurières created and managed the Ecole Méditerranéenne des Jardins et du Paysage landscaping school in Grasse.
In 2003, he settled in southern Morocco with Eric Ossart to design comprehensive projects associating building earthen houses and creating dry gardens adapted for extreme climates. Then, in 2008, they headed for Mexico to continue their experimentation of waterless gardens. The idea is not to never water plants, but rather to adapt them to the climate by selecting species that can withstand long dry periods.
Since 2011, they have moved through Europe, North Africa, Mexico and other countries. Not only limited to arid regions of the planet, all their creations are in harmony with the local soil, plants and climate.

Free entry, subject to capacity.

Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville
15 quai François Mitterrand
14000 Caen

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