Raconter un récit au travers d’un espace by Laure QUONIAM – Château de Bénouville

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Raconter un récit au travers d’un espace by Laure QUONIAM – Château de Bénouville

Telling stories via spaces

Laure Quoniam will offer, in a few words, a review of the subject of many of her realisations. She will illustrate her aspiration to create, via the projects that have marked her professional career.

Laure Quoniam

A few months after obtaining her diploma in architecture in 1979 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Laure Quoniam decided to convert to landscape architecture, aware that her desire to build and her passion for painting could be reunited in one: “the art of building landscapes”. She left to study at the Harvard Graduate School of Design where she obtained a Master in Landscape Architecture and discovered, in the United States, a well-structured profession. In 1986, she joined the team led by Dan Kiley, a renowned American landscape architect based in the state of Vermont. When she returned to France, after designing a dozen or so private gardens, she opened her own agency in Paris in 1991.The rehabilitation of the historic site of the Pond du Gard, granted the “Grand Site de France” quality label in 2004, was her first public development project. Faced with the many political and collegial issues involved in such enterprise, this professional experience, which came after 12 years of pugnacity, helped her develop her professional maturity. Her work is collectively characterised by a diversity of scales and fields of research. Over 70% of her realisations are located in urban areas where nature plays an essential role, town parks (Parc Jules Verne in Rouen…), squares (Place Valmy in Montpellier, Place Perret in Amiens, Place de la Concorde in Roissy…), rehabilitation of community housing (OPAC residence in Paris…), quayside rehabilitation (La Rapée port in Paris).