Une jardinomanie européenne, partages et querelles à l’époque des Lumières – Paris (France)

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Une jardinomanie européenne, partages et querelles à l’époque des Lumières – Paris (France)

A European jardinomanie, shares and quarrels in the Enlightenment
International Symposium in the context of programming “History and Cultures of Gardens” at the Auditorium du Louvre, with the support of Centre André Chastel, University Paris-Sorbonne and LabEx Write a new history of Europe.

Under the scientific direction of Hervé Brunon, historian of gardens and landscape, research director at the CNRS (Centre André Chastel) and Monique Mosser, historian of architecture and gardens, honorary engineer at CNRS (Centre Chastel) programming Monica Preti, museum of the Louvre.

“It’s not only the scenery of life, but the way of life; the landscape is more than the landscape, it became, for the amateur gardens, a passion of the soul, sometimes a reason to exist “(Georges Gusdorf). Understand and analyze how, from the English original home, jardinomanie spread throughout the second half of the eighteenth century through the whole of Europe, according to the processes and very complex temporality, without neglecting the specific contributions from distant China. Evoke designers, enthusiasts, botanists and gardeners, all great travelers, from the claimed assumption of a return to nature, managed to decline an infinite variety of theories, forms, ideas and spaces that remain to redeploy to explore a truly panoramic view and plunge into living history.

Speakers: Monica Preti (Louvre, Paris); Emmanuelle Heran (Louvre, Paris); Monique Mosser (CNRS, Centre André Chastel, Paris); Nicole Gouiric (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris); Hervé Brunon (CNRS, Centre André Chastel, Paris); Janine Barrier (Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris 1 University); Iris Lauterbach (Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschicite, Munich); Alberta Campitelli (e Parchi Storici City, City of Rome); Mónica Luengo (Citerea, Madrid) – Players: Bertrand Brouder; Gabriel Wick

Auditorium du Louvre – Free entry subject to capacity.