Garden Tourism in Portugal and around the World – São Miguel Island – Azores (Portugal)

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Garden Tourism in Portugal and around the World – São Miguel Island – Azores (Portugal)

Garden tourism has experienced a large and scale. It should be noted that over 150 million people all over the world visited public gardens in 2000 (W. Jackson and L. Sutherland, 2000).

This phenomenon is attributed to:

  • gardens being propitious environments for socializing and engaging in leisurely and recreational outdoor activities,
  • people´s affinity and curiosity regarding plants and gardening; the possibility of sensorial experiences and closeness to nature associated with sustainable practices,
  • the relationship between biodiversity and cultural and historical richness,
  • the demand for special events, like large flower and landscape architecture shows.

Similarly in Portugal, garden tourism shows dynamism, both on an academic and business level. The foundation of the Portuguese Association of Historical Gardens (2013) contributed heavily to the study, conservation, appreciation and promotion of historical gardens. Currently, there are several companies dedicated to animation tourism operating in Cultural and Landscape Touring. Regarding the Azores, there are no global studies or statistics that allow for an assessment of the importance of this niche market. However,

In this context, this conference will explore the role of historical gardens within cultural tourism, and will host a program on research projects and sharing experiences regarding gardens´ conservation and restauration, and how to improve visiting experiences.

Programme Garden tourism in Portugal and around the World

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