Jardin, spiritualité et poésie – Granada (Spain)

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Jardin, spiritualité et poésie – Granada (Spain)

Garden, spirituality and poetry
This international encounter will explore the garden as a spiritual place or as a gateway between here and beyond. The approach will be pluridisciplinary and will associate work by historians, art historians, geographers, botanists, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, comparatists and specialists in the field of the imaginary.  The theme of the garden will be approached via different sources: literary, iconographic and textual from various religious, floristic, spatial and musical traditions.
Free entry, subject to capacity.


Carmen de la victoria
Cuesta del Chapiz, 9
18010 – Granada
Tel :  + 34 958 22 31 22
Information : mmontoro@ugr.es – anna.caiozzo@univ-paris-diderot.fr


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