La gestion d’un patrimoine arboré historique – Hastière (Belgium)

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La gestion d’un patrimoine arboré historique – Hastière (Belgium)

Management of historic woodland heritage

Woodland heritage management is of vital importance in gardens and forests in general, and in Freÿr in particular. The gardens of Freÿr are inhabited by a vast range of tree species. Some are pruned to form tree-covered walkways, others in staggered rows, some are rare specimens, others hundred-year-old orange trees, etc. However, the Freÿr estate also comprises forests, for which each and every plot or alley requires specific management and maintenance. So how are all these different tree types managed? How do we distinguish tree management from a park to a forest? Is the landscape architect’s outlook not complementary to that of the forestry developer? How do we conduct phytosanitary studies? How do we ensure the continuity of rare species? What conservatory measures do we adopt for managing remarkable trees? The specific aim of this one-day conference is to delve deeper into the management of an example of historic woodland heritage. Specialists in dendrology will approach the subject from different angles.



Château de Freÿr
Freÿr 12
5540 Hastière
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