Le métier de paysagiste by Pierre JOYAUX – Château de Bénouville

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Le métier de paysagiste by Pierre JOYAUX – Château de Bénouville

The landscaper’s profession

Pierre Joyaux will present his profession as a landscaper. Relying on his experience and his passion, he will offer the keys for rediscovering and restoring a forgotten garden. His presentation will be based on solid examples, enhanced with sketches, slides and interesting anecdotes.
Also a boxwood grower, Pierre Joyaux will conclude his conference on a review of this plant: growing it, choosing it, parasites, maintenance and errors to avoid are among the subjects on the agenda.

Pierre Joyaux

Pierre Joyaux was born in the Touraine region, before settling in Cher, where he established his own boxwood nursery in 1982. Concurrently, after studying botany, he worked as a landscaper, rapidly specialising in the restoration and rehabilitation of old parks.
Initially in castle gardens open to the public and close to his home (Orson, Ainay le Vieil, La Bussière, Poulaines, etc.), then in larger private parks in France and abroad (Virginia, California, Florida, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Russia, Morocco, Togo, etc.).
Rediscovering and the manner in which we should rehabilitate, often with restricted budgets, together with staff or company training towards maintaining these parks are his specialities; he exclusively illustrates with watercolours, then describes the project’s necessary restoration work, which is then conducted by owners or with his help.
Based in Cambremer, in Normandy, he continues to work, whilst managing a vast planted and pruned boxwood nursery, in the Berry area.
Finally, for the past 40 years, he has been coordinating a garden-school with groups of friends, to explain his profession and to answer their questions.